[Unveiling Ceremony] Ming Chuan University Digital Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base

 Ming Chuan University Digital Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base

  • Ming Chuan University’s Financial Technology Applications has long been working closely with the FinTech Space to provide on-campus courses. In order to deepen cooperation with FinTech Space, Ming Chuan University has applied to join the digital The Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base, the unveiling ceremony was held on October 6, 2012, opening a new chapter for the subsequent long-term cooperation.
  • This program will integrate financial technology-related resources both inside and outside the school, and will cooperate in-depth with Fintech Space in the following projects: (1) Cultivating financial technology innovation empirical talents: In conjunction with the main focus of financial technology research at Ming Chuan University, we will cultivate more financial technology innovation empirical evidence through empirical evidence. Talents; (2) Establish a cross-school cooperation ecosystem: Regular activities can be held with existing partner schools to strengthen the exchange of empirical cooperation teachers and talents in each region, and establish a cross-school cooperation ecosystem. (3) Connecting talents and industries to create a win-win situation: Through digital sandbox campus empirical cooperation, we collect innovative ideas from partners, discuss and demonstrate them with teachers and students, share the empirical results and arrange to match new entrepreneurs or financial institutions. Connect talents with industry to achieve a win-win model. (4) Expand partners: Expand the park’s partner territory through exchanges with cooperating teachers.
Dean's speech
Group leader's speech
Director's introduction
Executive Director introduces the park and campus demonstration base
Taiwan United Financial Technology Co., Ltd.
Alpha Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
Footprint-Ai Co., Ltd.
Moneybook Corp., Ltd.
Opening Ceremony
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