Academic Achievements

YearHostName of ProjectPeriod
Predict user behavior for fintech chatbots
2023-2024DAI-LUN JIANG
Apply dynamic security access mechanism to cloud digital teaching platform
2022-2023DAI-LUN JIANG
Suicide prevention decision-making system assisted by life style data and medical information
2020-2021YAN-BIN HUANG
Predict user behavior for fintech chatbots
Implanting a more stable trading model in the highly volatile virtual asset market - taking Pionex as an example
2022-2023ZHEN-YI GAOWEN-QI LUOResearch on the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Risk of Shipping Supply Chain-Taking the Changci Ship Grounding Event as an Empirical Study 
Experts guide the way, find yourself in the fintech career learning map
2020-2021JIA-YI LINMENG-SHIANAnti-money laundering of pure online banking is based on the application of blockchain
YearHostOriginProject Research執行起訖
2022-2023MENG-SHIANG LINMoe Teaching Practice Research Program
Inclusive financial credit model construction and blockchain application
2022.08.01 – 2023.07.31
2021-2022YAN-BIN HUANG
Can the problem-oriented teaching method effectively improve the social responsibility awareness of college students?
2021.08.01 – 2022.07.31
  • We are grateful for the support of the FinTech Space operation plan: “Digital Sandbox: Cultivating FinTech Innovation Demonstration Talent Campus Cooperation”. The collection and analysis of data is carried out through the API series. In the future, it will cooperate more closely with the park’s plan and deepen cooperation, and create more new workshop application cases from more API data.
  • Fintech workshops are a traditional and key course of the School of Fintech, as well as a cradle for cultivating fintech application talents. Through a year of study and practice, students not only review the knowledge they have learned in the past, but also enter a systematic cultivation environment.
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Team Member
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ESG and Corporate Governance Integrate Financial Ratios to Help Investors

高振譯 古承瑜 林庭毅

In recent years, housing prices in Taoyuan City and the housing price index have estimated the income ratio of petty bourgeoisie as a reference for house purchases

羅沁瑜 詹名禎 朱芸含

Possibility of purchasing cancer insurance in Chiayi County over the age of 45
李東翰 游平安 廖奕丞

Taitung Vaccine Newsletter
王品揚 林允申 曾浩瑜

Medical resource integration system in Guishan District, Taoyuan City
詹芳瑄 周芳美 陳美云 胡毓芯

Taoyuan City Laier Futuo store location recommendation

葉貤汝 楊雅瑄 羅右筑

Novice Xiaobai-stock selection strategy of price-to-earnings growth ratio and trading volume?
陳姿吟 李佳珈 陳珮淇

Care for low-income households
林欣蔓 劉芷軒 曾采緹

Expand the service area of ​​ubereat in Taoyuan City
張菀芸邱佩吟 陳凱翎 李怡君

ON MY WAY Police Best Patrol Routes
桂涵 吳奇 黃可樺

National data analysis of drunk driving in recent three years
連羿婷 林妍伶 藍昱婷

Demand for fintech talents in the job market
鄭耘欣 葉姿伶 陳采婕

Fruit Prices in Yilan City

蕭鈺雯 李青霞 陳奕潔

Solve the problem of low birth rate

賴冠臻 蔣婷羽