[Exchange activities] Welcome New taipei municipal LIN-KOU Senior High School

  • Welcome New taipei municipal LIN-KOU Senior High School FTA held an admissions counseling symposium on 111.01.05. Based on the situation after the implementation of the new 108-year curriculum, we conducted a comprehensive and in-depth discussion with the high school guidance directors and team leaders, and exchanged information on high schools through direct communication and dialogue. The opinions of students, high school counselors and universities can fully identify problems, clarify disputes, analyze the pros and cons, and finally propose solutions, which will help promote close cooperation between high schools and universities, actively promote high school students to visit schools, study together in classes, and practice Educational philosophy and social responsibility.
  • Welcome LIN-KOU Senior High School to visit. Through systematic introductions and visits, we can understand the teaching concepts and policies of the School of Financial Technology and Financial Technology Applications Program and how to  study in cross-domain through logic and innovation. Study in combining theory with practice for a master's degree consistently in five years and be employed while studying is our goal. Teachers and students from both sides learning from each other, teaching each other, and thriving together is also an important thing to makes us have innovation mind and get more progress.