【Lecture】Learning Profile Salon Activities

         113 Adaptable Diversified Career Exploration and Counseling Direct Train – Learning Process Salon In order to assist high school students in diversified career exploration, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, UNEWS(大學問) organizes the “500 Youth Succession-113 Adaptable Diversified Career Exploration Counseling Express” series of activities, the “Youth Career Exploration and Learning Process […]

[Unveiling Ceremony] Ming Chuan University Digital Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base

            Ming Chuan University Digital Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base Ming Chuan University’s Financial Technology Applications has long been working closely with the FinTech Space to provide on-campus courses. In order to deepen cooperation with FinTech Space, Ming Chuan University has applied to join the digital The Sandbox Campus Demonstration Base, the unveiling ceremony was held […]

Personal Application Admission

                      【Welcome to the admitted applications to join us】 046422:Financial Technology Application Program(Taoyuan Campus) Admission:without Interview:6 applicationsInterview:27 applications   Personal Application Website(please click here)Admission list check(please click here)

2023 Financial Consumer Forum

            2023Financial Consumer Forum ———————————————— 【Date】2023.5.29(Monday) 09:00~13:00 【Venue】Ming Chuan University(Jihe: 6F(J616), No.130, Jihe Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City 111, Taiwan) 【Enroll】registration form Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei(please check here)Financial Consumer Forum(please check here)

Blockchain Library System

This system creates a library for Ming Chuan Financial Technology Application Program(FTA) that operates entirely on the blockchain. Users can borrow books from Ming Chuan FTA Blockchain Library through this system and return books through this system. Contract address: 0xd9F387647d2B6ca787C2a44C8701b7cFA73f68a9 http://chainlib.on/