Department development, Operation and Improvement
In accordance with the purpose of the Ministry of Education's program establishment, it is to integrate and cooperate with each other to develop courses through cross-field support, in order to respond to the characteristics of financial technology across different fields, and to enable teachers and students from different departments to learn from each other and enhance the overall strength of the school .
Faculty and Teaching
The FSC has proposed a white paper on financial technology, which is planned for a period of 2020. It proposes the vision of "innovating digital technology and building smart finance", promoting cross-industry cooperation between the information and communication industry and the financial industry, and achieving the full use of information and communication technology to create smart financial institutions and innovate Digital convenience services, strengthening the development blueprint of virtual risk control.
Students and Learning
The school, college, and department (FTA program) have perfect learning and life guidance mechanisms at all levels, and the student satisfaction is high.
Goals for Future Continuous Improvement
FTA is a young, innovative and cross-disciplinary department. However, the achievements of the above-mentioned hard work in running a school are deeply rooted in the hearts of students, parents and high schools. Instruct all schools to go to lecture tours and conduct high school student education and appeasement, the purpose is to enable students to choose a path that suits them. Cross-field learning and multi-tasking professionals are absolutely indispensable for future research or work.
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Financial Technology Applications Program was established in 2018, featuring focuses on Big Data, applications of block chains and Regulatory Sandbox. Curriculum emphasizes both theory and applications, aiming to develop abilities in Financial Technology cognition, implementation experience and innovative thinking.


Innovate Digital Technology to Create Smart Finance


Students and Learning

Growing Internally and Externally
Suitability Excellence
Circular Innovation
Comprehensive Fields
Innovative Education


Goals set for Continuous Improvement in the future of FTA

Education Policy

FTA strive to connect with high schools and induce students' willingness to study and research regardless of department or group, We inspire their broad vision and learning motivation.

Professional Faculty

Progressive Innovation