Department Features
The first and only professional financial technology department that cultivates multi-skilled professionals to learn across domains in R.O.C.

Department Purpose and Self-Positioning

Since its inception, the program has positioned itself in the direction of cultivating multi-skilled integrated professionals who can use financial technology, think and solve management problems, emphasizing both theoretical education and practical training, and cultivating students with Innovation and problem-solving skills, teamwork, diversity and an international perspective.

Educate students with core competencies

Train students to innovate financial products and services

Cultivate skills in the integration of finance and technology

Educational Goals

1. Cultivate financial technology professionals: have an international view of financial technology and grasp international trends; cultivate talents with financial technology integration and innovation capabilities.
2. Strengthen the theoretical basis and practical training of financial technology: knowledge transfer and training for obtaining financial technology certificates.
3. Establish teamwork and expand international vision: necessary foreign language skills improvement; responsibility, community, honor, service and other personality education, internalization and natural practice.
4. Cultivate a professional attitude and service enthusiasm: the correct use and practice of financial technology, inclusive finance, micro-finance, and social responsibility.

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Discipline Features

5.Creative Guidance。
6.Creative Guidance Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Internship

Focus on the Last Mile

In order to enable students to understand the trends and changes in the job market, the department implements the last mile development plan, strengthens the guidance of professional certificates for students, and organizes on-campus certification exams. Moreover, we incorporate industry teachers to offer practical courses, sign internship contracts with the industry and provide industrial internship courses to build up students' practical experience to enhance employment competitiveness.

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Popularization Research

FTA requires students to work in groups and teams to produce graduation projects before graduation. Graduation thesis is the threshold for graduation. Through the process of writing the thesis, not only can the theory and practice be further combined, but also the spirit and ability of continuous learning can be cultivated, and the communication and coordination ability of cooperating with others can be cultivated.

Education Policy

FTA strives to connect with all high schools, and induces students' willingness to study and research regardless of department or group, and inspires them to broaden their horizons and study motivation.

Professional Faculty

Progressive Innovation