Master of Financial Technology Program ( Master Degree)

Purpose of Establishment

Based on the mission and educational goals of our University and the School of Financial Technology, the self-positioning and educational goals of the master's program are as follows:

Self Positioning

Since the establishment of the program, it has been self-positioned to cultivate multi-skilled and integrated professionals who can use financial technology, think and solve management problems. It emphasizes both theoretical education and practical training, and cultivates students with innovation and problem-solving skills, teamwork, diversity and an international perspective, as well as cross-disciplinary practical research capabilities.

Purpose of MFT

A.Educate students with core competencies.
B.Train students to innovate financial products and services.
C.Cultivate skills in the integration of finance and technology.
D.Comprehensive research on cross-field practicality.

Educational Goals

Cultivate financial technology professionals

Possess an international view of financial technology and grasp international trends; cultivate talents with the ability to integrate and innovate financial technology

Strengthen the theoretical basis and practical training of financial technology

Knowledge transfer and training for financial technology certificates

Build teamwork and broaden international horizons

Necessary foreign language skills improvement; character education, internalization and natural practice of responsibility, group, honor, service, etc

Cultivate a professional attitude and enthusiasm for service

The correct use and practice of financial technology, inclusive finance, micro-finance, and social responsibility

Combination of practice and theory across fields

The integration of learning and application of cross-field practicality, the comprehensive research output of the combination of theory and practice.

Four Cores and Five Main Axes

This course seeks development based on the principles of national socio-economic, financial and technological development trends, financial technology policy direction, and industrial manpower needs. It aims to cultivate high-quality innovative and professional multi-task professional financial technology talents and establish a leading academic position in financial technology.

Based on the four cores of FinTech learning: Theory, Basis, Exercise, and Practice, students can complete their studies and have the five main axes of the FinTech program (Five Main Scheme). Capabilities: “Information & Basic Abilities”, “Finance & Analysis”, “IT&Data”, “Media & Market”, “Law and Supervision” (Law & Supervision).

Based on the foundation of the above-mentioned degree program, students are trained to have cross-disciplinary practical comprehensive research ability.