Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Structure

Broad and then deep
Cross-Domain Integration
Multi-Skilled Professionals

  • The curriculum planning of this program must incorporate the connotation of laws and regulations, and correct the development boundaries of financial technology so as not to deviate from the requirements of laws and regulations.
  • Therefore, in terms of curriculum design, we can cooperate with the teachers of the Department of Finance and Law, as well as the research teams of anti-money laundering, anti-capital terrorism, cultural innovation, and long-term care to improve the quality of teaching.
  • The curriculum design of the program is based on the four cores of theory, foundation, practice and application.
  • The curriculum design is divided into “Information & Basic Abilities”, “Finance & Analysis”, “Information Technology and Data” (IT & Data), “Media & Market” (Media & Market), “Law & Supervision” (Law & Supervision), five major axes, extensively cultivate students’ basic ability in financial technology, and enable students to learn in depth in the axis of interest .
  • This course is based on this foundation, to reflect on academic theory and practice, to deepen and broaden the research on the in-depth axis, and to train students to make suggestions for the current system, and to endow financial technology with innovative meanings that are more beneficial to society .

Course Map

Learning Navigation
Course Guidance
Systematic and Targeted

  • We assist students in career development-oriented course planning and construct a hierarchical and complete learning process.
  • Comprehensive course materials are provided, including the required and elective course structure of majors, the core and extended courses of general education, and even the course study arrangements for credit courses to help students plan the most efficient course plans.
  • The curriculum map and the “core competency” echo each other, so that the final learning effect of students can meet expectations. We assist students in career development-oriented course planning and construct a hierarchical and complete learning process.

Artificial Intelligence

Connecting the basics of artificial intelligence learning in primary and secondary schools, providing advanced learning and employability training

  • AI Excellent Long-Established School: Training AI Talents
  • AI School of Finance Technology: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem, Blockchain, Metaverse Developing
  • AI products: AirPlus Global Friend Schools and Alumni Applying
  • AI Technology: Online Teaching with Global Friendship Schools

Graduation Threshold

Holistic Education
Morality First
Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)
Environment , Social, Governance(ESG)
Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Upholding the mission of “One key concept expressed three ways”, Ming Chuan University prides itself in providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance. As a comprehensive institution of higher education, Ming Chuan University strives for excellence in teaching and learning through theory-based, application-oriented education to prepare learners with professionalism, team spirit and broad worldviews for internationalization.
  • The university aims at the realization of practical education, encouraging students to incorporate practice and theory so they can enter the workforce immediately after graduation. In light of increasing globalization and global Chinese fever, the university strives to prepare students to face global competition through the integration of education theories in this Chinese institution and partner overseas universities. In addition to learning from successful education experience, Ming Chuan seeks to better nurture its students under the educational philosophy: the localization of global knowledge and the inculcation of local knowledge into the world.
  • To achieve the ultimate goal of developing into an outstanding international university, the university will make every effort to carry forward its quality education and commit itself to international excellence in teaching and research.
  • Inclusive Finance, Friendly Finance, Elderly Care, Consumer Protection, Sustainable Development, University Social Responsibility

Employment Practice

Equal Emphasis on Theory and Practice
Schooling is Employment

  • We select suitable financial and technology industries for dual-teacher teaching, and what the industry needs can be completed in the course of training.
  • The course is combined with the employment practice compression to complete within the junior year, and the senior year returns to school for one day to study, and the rest of the time is practiced in the industry, and after the internship period is completed, it will be converted to a full-time job through the full-time assessment system (some industries will get full-time jobs after the applicable period) , Studying is employment, internship is employment.
  • Dual-teacher teaching practice and theory study at the same time, practice and employment connection, improve students’ willingness to learn, and grasp the latest and innovative status quo and future development.
Education Policy

FTA strive to connect with high schools and induce students' willingness to study and research regardless of department or group, We inspire their broad vision and learning motivation.