[Seminar] The Sixth Cross-Strait Trust Legal Academic Seminar



  • The Sixth Cross-Strait Trust Legal Academic Symposium was held on December 2, 2023 at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Science and Technology Park International Conference Center. This seminar follows the plan of Professor CHUNG-SEN YANG, the father of China’s trust law. It was co-organized by Ming Chuan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2017. As a platform for cross-strait trust legal exchanges, we look forward to the participation of experts from industry, government and academia. , in order to establish a trust legal system that is applicable to the people’s conditions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In the past, issues such as basic trust norms, trustee obligations, family trusts, and insurance trusts were discussed.Associate Professor Lin Mengxiang, director of the program of our school, chaired “Parallel Forum 1.2: Trust and Asset Management System from the Perspective of Comparative Law” and presented a paper in “Parallel Forum 1.3: The Development of Trust System in the Context of Financial Technology”, titled “Trust Technology” Supervision exploration – with blockchain/decentralized centralized technology and artificial intelligence as the core.” First, the current development status and optimization path of the collaboration between financial technology and artificial intelligence in my country are introduced. Secondly, under the theme of inclusive finance and technology synergy, it explains how my country can expand the coverage of Anyang Trust through the establishment of credit unions and other institutions. Furthermore, Ming Chuan University is the first school in the country to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Trust Industry Association of the Republic of China (please click here for related news) to jointly promote. Finally, it proposes an analysis and analysis of the changes facing the trust governance model in the digital financial era.