[Child-Friendly Forum] Announcement of Taiwan Child-Friendly Enterprise Survey Report!

Announcement of Taiwan Child-Friendly Enterprise Survey Report!

A survey report on child-friendly companies in Taiwan shows that Chinese companies are insufficiently concerned about children’s rights, and NGOs call on business operations to strengthen awareness and regulation of children’s rights.

  • The Taiwan Good Neighbor Association, Ming Chuan University’s Bachelor/Master’s Degree Program in Financial Technology, and the Consumer Cultural and Educational Foundation of the Republic of China jointly held the “2023 Child-Friendly Business Forum” on the 17th and announced the social corporate responsibility reports of Taiwan listed companies. The “Taiwan Child-Friendly Enterprise Survey Report” completed the children’s rights survey of the book (CSR report). The report shows that Chinese enterprises have many measures and plans in family-friendly workplace policies to help parents and caregivers raise their children with peace of mind. However, when it comes to children There is still room for improvement in performance on rights issues, especially in child protection policies, corporate suppliers’ commitment to respect children’s rights, and the attention and protection of youth workers that need to be improved and strengthened.
  • Overall, this survey presents the current situation of children's rights in my country's enterprises. Although the efforts of enterprises have been seen in some aspects, it also reveals that enterprises need to strengthen their efforts on children's rights issues. In the future, it is recommended that companies strengthen the formulation and disclosure of policies related to children's rights, and at the same time pay attention to the compliance requirements of suppliers to implement corporate social responsibilities, jointly promote the practice and protection of children's rights, and make Taiwan a child-friendly home!
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