【Lecture】Learning Profile Salon Activities

113 Adaptable Diversified Career Exploration and Counseling Direct Train - Learning Process Salon

  • In order to assist high school students in diversified career exploration, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, UNEWS(大學問) organizes the “500 Youth Succession-113 Adaptable Diversified Career Exploration Counseling Express” series of activities, the “Youth Career Exploration and Learning Process Salon Lecture” will be held in December in Expanded in Taipei and Taichung. Through 4 career-oriented themed lectures and 18 student group exploration consultations, university professors and young seniors from various fields interacted face-to-face with high school students, leading students to think about their own interests and aspirations, clarify career plans, and gradually demonstrate their personal characteristics. high school learning trajectory.
  • FTA participated in this event and held in-depth discussions with parents and students in the finance and economics group, how to find students’ interests through group exploration, and how to present diverse presentations in learning history files. , to increase your connotation and motivation when applying for future universities.
  • This event is also very grateful to the Trust Association of the Republic of China and the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation and Taipei Blood Donation Center. University education is a holistic education. It is important to teach students how to use knowledge for social use through the cultivation of professional knowledge and personality education. The desire to give back to society must be coordinated in knowledge education and avoid partiality in the 108-year literacy-oriented curriculum.