Financial Technology Big Data Hackathon

Big Data Hackathon of School of Financial Technology


  • Ming Chuan Financial Technology School hosted the “First Big Data Hackathon Competition”, attracting more than 30 groups of students from various departments to participate in the competition. The competition was presented through posters and presentations. In the end, 9 groups were promoted and held on the Taoyuan Campus on June 7 Finals and Awards Ceremony.
  • Dean Li Jinsheng of the School of Financial Technology said that this competition is mainly for the final report of the compulsory workshop courses of the economics, unified capital and financial science courses affiliated to the school. After a semester of courses, the students learned to use the “Open Government Data Open Data)” to conduct applied theme analysis to reflect and solve problems encountered in the market, society and life, and with big data as the basis and data to support the discussion, the report is justified. Data is the main axis of the workshop, and new technological applications such as AI will be added in the future. We look forward to seeing more young people’s infinite creativity.
  • Assistant Professor Wang Qianghui said, the workshop mainly hopes to lead students to understand how to apply big data, including the use of public information from the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Environmental Protection Agency and Taipower, and discuss topics including the production and sales of agricultural products , population growth, elderly care, diabetes, traffic accidents, carbon emissions and air pollution, etc., in addition to corresponding to the SDGs sustainable development goals of the United Nations, combined with AR augmented reality technology, various knowledge games and experiences are designed. Further thinking about how to apply it in business to develop “Data Monetization”.

  • The winning teams are as follows:
  • First Prize:Applied Statistics and Information Science
  • Second Prize:Financial Technology Applications
  • Third Prize:Financial Technology Applications